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Niharika, operating under a charitable trust CIDAW (Child In Distress And We), was established in 2001. CIDAW has been working for the education and rehabilitation of children of poor women living as prostitutes in the Red Light areas of Kolkata and suburbs. At present Niharika houses 30 boys and girls. It is set up in a serene pollution-free countryside on the outskirts of Ranaghat, which is about 85 km from Kolkata, India

Help us to help the "Children of Destiny",
so that they can lead a happy and respectable life.

Children have very little or no control over the powerful effects of the environment around them during their formative years. This is the reality and destiny of innumerable children living in red-light areas where they are born - in a world of crime and other criminal activities which, in the course of time, pushes them back into the same vicious cycle of prostitution that their mothers endured. As a result, many enter adulthood as virtual cripples, and eventually become a burden to society. To save these unfortunate and innocent souls from this inevitable calamity, they must be removed from that environment and educated and cared for in a loving and conducive atmosphere. To that extent Niharika is where they find the love and solace that allows them to live a normal life and break the destructive cycle 

Children of Niharika (12 min)

Annual Ceremony 2012 (1:10 min)